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Ritual and Spells

Wiccan Spells

  • A Spell to Remove Bad Luck
    14 September, 2018 admin
    Thumbnail ImageIf you’re suddenly finding yourself stuck in an annoying series of misfortunes (such as chipping a tooth, falling in the shower and burning a family dinner for 6 whilst fighting a common cold, all in … Read More ↗

  • A spell for luck in business
    14 September, 2018 admin
    Thumbnail ImageApproaching a difficult deadline? About to close the deal with an important business partner? Expanding your business to new locations or new target audiences? No matter how excellent your business et … Read More ↗

  • Magical Cleansing & Protecting Pouch
    6 August, 2018 admin
    Thumbnail ImageThis is a wonderful little spell in a bag, that you can carry around with you, and use whenever you feel like you need to cleanse the energy of others away from you. It’s ideal […] The post Magical … Read More ↗

  • A Spell to Access Your Intuition through Dreams
    6 August, 2018 admin
    Thumbnail ImageThis easy dream spell is meant to help the spell-caster access their deepest intuition through their dreams and get answers and solutions about problems and worries in their life. With this spell your … Read More ↗

  • A Simple Attraction Spell
    6 August, 2018 admin
    Thumbnail ImageThis spell is perfect to attract anything you need the most in your life at the moment and isn’t necessarily limited to romantic endeavours. Although you can, indeed, choose to attract a person with t … Read More ↗