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Ritual and Spells

Wiccan Spells

  • Hair Growth Spells
    23 January, 2019 admin
    Thumbnail ImageMost of us look for powerful spells to overhaul our lives. Sometimes, it is better to use some simpler spells that can have a profound effect by making marginal changes. One example is when you […] … Read More ↗

  • A Spell for Good Grades at School
    6 January, 2019 admin
    Thumbnail ImageObtaining good grades at school can be difficult, as no matter how hard you study, there are always factors beyond one’s control that can ruin academic performance. Classmates being bullies, unreasona … Read More ↗

  • A Spell for Luck in an Exam or Test
    5 January, 2019 admin
    Thumbnail ImageFinal tests and exams are slowly creeping in, but you’re not feeling quite ready? An important performance assessment test coming up at work, and an extra boost of magickal luck in necessary? Fortunat … Read More ↗

  • A spell to attract customers
    5 January, 2019 admin
    Thumbnail ImageWishing you had more customers in your business? If the competition is getting a bit high, or you are experiencing a sudden decline in sales, it may be time to try this powerful spell that […] The p … Read More ↗

  • A Spell to Enhance Fertility
    5 January, 2019 admin
    Thumbnail ImageEvery woman deserves to bear a beautiful, healthy child. If you are struggling to conceive, this powerful spell will help boost your fertility and reduce the chances of early miscarriage. In addition, … Read More ↗