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Ritual and Spells

Wiccan Spells

  • Good Luck Talisman Spell
    5 November, 2018 admin
    Thumbnail ImageGood luck talismans can be a powerful tool to attract happiness, creativity and internal resources required to achieve your goals – however, there are two main conditions when it comes to performing t … Read More ↗

  • A Spell to Win a Court Case
    5 November, 2018 admin
    Thumbnail ImageThis powerful court case spell can be used for any kind or legal work, including but not limited to court cases, signing papers or negotiating contractual obligations. In other words, this is more of … Read More ↗

  • Full Moon Money Spell
    5 November, 2018 admin
    Thumbnail ImageIt may seem like money is a tricky commodity to attract with magic – however, the opposite is true. See, similar to many other aspects of our life, money simply embodies a flow of certain […] The po … Read More ↗

  • An Abundance Spell
    15 October, 2018 admin
    Thumbnail ImagePeople often turn to magic looking for abundance – however, be warned: this abundance spell, although very powerful, must be used with immense caution. There is a very fine line between wanting the be … Read More ↗

  • A Red Candle Love Spell
    13 October, 2018 admin
    Thumbnail ImageIf there is one amorous spell that has been around for centuries, it’s this powerful red candle love spell. There are several variations of this ancient ritual floating around, but here you will find … Read More ↗