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Understanding the Aspects – III

By Bob Makransky

Mars-Saturn indicates a chip on the shoulder, an axe to grind, which tends to bring conflicts and obstruction. Mars-Saturn aspects symbolize dominance and control, and tend to bring difficulties and oppressive situations. These natives are single-minded and determined to have their own way come hell or high water, and damn the torpedoes. Solitary even in the midst of company, and obsessively fixated on their own ends, they go their own way asking no one’s sanction or succor: they hunker down and make a stand. Their only use for society is when they are looked up to and can assume their rightful positions of leadership.

Mars conjunct Saturn is feisty and pigheaded. These natives are self-willed and hard-charging, with an overbearing mien which does not shy from confrontation or conflict – “Outta my way!” They are not unsociable per se, but possess a callous, pitiless impatience when their desires are thwarted or opposed. Their individual adaptation of this planetary influence reflects the coping mechanism which they developed in childhood in response to harshness and lack of sympathy: they may possess a sharp tongue which lashes out like a striking snake with little concern for niceties or propriety (Mars stronger by sign than Saturn); or else they silently and grimly bear up in the face of adversity, concealing their resentment beneath a mailed fist (Saturn stronger by sign than Mars). But in any case they tend to regard any attempts at compromise or conciliation as a sign of contemptible moral weakness; and their fearsome aggressiveness steamrolls over anyone who has the temerity to stand in their way. Therefore, to deal with them requires an unflinching doggedness as resolute and ruthless as their own. On their positive side they are daring and adventuresome; honorable and scrupulous to a fault; and their courageous self-assurance and utter disregard for consequences and other people’s opinions can, in the proper moment, provide a shining example of heroic intrepidity.

Mars opposition Saturn natives are bold and masterful. They are real characters who come on strong and take people by a storm: “My way, or the highway!” Everyone knows it instantly when they walk into the room. Poised and self-assured, they possess considerable cheek and bravado, and they cut a wide swath through their social milieu. Even the more sedate Mars opposition Saturn types (e.g. Mars in Libra with Saturn in Aries) need to be at the center of things: in this case they call attention to themselves with an understated intensity and authoritativeness which commands acquiescence (if not subservience). In any case, they will not be deflected: in the face of obstruction they try to take another tack and go around when this is possible; but when push comes to shove they are quite capable of stormy wrath to force their opponents to back down. Albeit a bit theatrical and fond of swagger, they’re essentially cool customers (unlike the seething conjunctions) who don’t fume or wring their hands helplessly; rather they appraise the possibilities realistically and with cool detachment. It takes quite a lot to knock them off their pins or to put a crimp in the impassive aplomb which is their signature and ultimate refuge.

Mars trine Saturn natives are grave, sober-minded, and autocratic (on the negative side, possess a supercilious noblesse oblige). They are not so much impartial or nonpartisan as they are deliberate and considered. Unlike the feisty and go-getting sextiles, these natives are slow to react because they take all factors and points of view into account before making a decision; but once they have made up their minds and committed themselves they are indomitable and willing to give their all. While not combative per se, they mean business and do not shrink from confrontation nor shirk their responsibilities. Indeed, they go out of their way to do more than their fair share, particularly in defense of the helpless. Their severe manner – which makes them formidable adversaries – also makes them daunting to approach for succor; and they can turn hard and cold when tenderness and sympathy are needed. Their seriousness of purpose and loyalty – both to people and to their principles – make them the kind of people others instinctively rely and depend upon.

Mars square Saturn natives are plaintive and pessimistic. Like Eeyore, they go through life with an air of disgruntlement and expectation of the worst. They may have suffered parental rejection or neglect, or otherwise have been thrown on their own resources and forced to fend for themselves at an early age; and subsequent relationships are likely to be similarly frustrating and disappointing. The hallmark of their lives is sincere and strenuous effort which is unrewarded; great sacrifices made with no acknowledgement, appreciation, or recompense; the sense of being on a never-ending treadmill of discouragement and discontent. They make a fetish of the nobility of suffering, hugging their Weltschmerz to their bosoms and keeping a stiff upper lip. They prefer to stew inwardly and bear up outwardly, making the best of things, and not revealing their inner ruminations or failed dreams to anyone. Their own malaise gives them considerable native compassion for the travails of the victimized and downtrodden, and they make a point of making themselves useful and going out of their way to assist others in any way they can.

Mars sextile Saturn natives are blunt and plain-spoken – bumptious and a bit rough around the edges – and incapable of dissembling or guile. They are not deliberately bruising, but rather have a restless, impatient energy which makes them exigent and tactless in dealing with others. They like to see things carried out in an orderly and punctilious manner (that is to say: their way), with maximal expedience and minimal emotional wear and tear. They are good organizers and managers, with the ability to focus all their energies on the task at hand: they don’t take obstacles and setbacks personally, and they have a facility for improvising and trouble-shooting solutions to problems as they arise. They are canny and shrewd, with a keen grasp of politics and where their best interests lie.

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