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Understanding the Aspects – I

By Bob Makransky

The astrological aspects are the armature which holds a horoscope together, and they provide clues as to the specifics of people’s lives. The aspects reveal how people make their way in the world; their interactions with their environment (how the environment impacts upon them and how they adjust to it); their game plans; as well as the success / failure, ease / obstacles, satisfaction / frustration, that are encountered in this endeavor.

Aspects reveal how people move to occupy space – how they spread themselves out in their social milieu and interact with other people. An aspect shows a habitual way of approaching situations and relationships – a stance, a set of characteristic responses to a given stimulus – which is indicated by the planets involved and also by the houses which these planets occupy.

Afflicted indications (squares, oppositions, unfavorable conjunctions – see the Table of Favorable and Unfavorable Planetary Combinations) show a war going on with other people and / or the environment; well-aspected indications (trines, sextiles, favorable conjunctions, and parallels / contraparallels) show ease, acceptance, taking things as they come with regard to other people and the ambience. It is the aspects (rather than the strength factors such as ruler, exaltation, detriment, fall; or angularity) which are responsible for the recurrence effect: the fact that the same situations tend to recur over and over again in a native’s life – such as e.g. the fact that women who have been raped once are five times as likely to be raped again as are women who have never been raped. The reason why the same sorts of experiences tend to recur in a given life is because they are being called up from the same characteristic modes of act and response.

“Contradictory” aspects don’t actually contradict; rather, they are shown at different times, or with regard to different types of situations and relationships. For example, people with both Venus trine Jupiter and Mars square Saturn will typically have their Venus trine Jupiter days, and at other times their Mars square Saturn days. Or, perhaps they will vent their Mars square Saturn spleen at certain people; and then turn around and flash a bright Venus trine Jupiter smile at others.

Table of Favorable and Unfavorable Planetary Combinations

MO +                
ME +              
VE +            
MA + + +          
JU + + + +        
SA + +      

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Thanks to Bob Makransky for allowing the republication of his wonderful work.

About the author:  Bob Makransky is a systems analyst, comptuter programmer and professional astrologer.  For 37 years he has lived on a farm in highland Guatemala where he is a Mayan priest and is head of the local blueberry growers’ association.

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