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Daily Tarot Girl

  • The most unethical Tarot spread ever….for Valentine’s Day!
    13 February, 2019 Kate (Daily Tarot Girl)
    We all know it’s wrong to use Tarot to pry into other’s private thoughts and feelings. But it’s Valentines! So here’s a deliciously unethical spread that breaks all the rules. Whose your crush? Do you … Read More ↗

  • Tarot Reading for Feb 11 – 17
    10 February, 2019 Kate (Daily Tarot Girl)
    For this week’s reading I’m using a classic deck – the Morgan Greer Tarot. Despite the fact that it’s Valentines Day on Thursday, I don’t say anything remotely romantic in this reading. But if it’s ro … Read More ↗

  • Valentine’s Day Tarot Spread: Ignite Your Love Life!
    8 February, 2019 Kate (Daily Tarot Girl)
    I know it’s trendy to be all emo say “I hate Valentine’s Day!” but you know what? I fucking love it. I love heart shaped chocolates and the heart shaped boxes they come in. I love flowers, stupid fril … Read More ↗

  • Tarot Reading for Feb 2 – 10
    3 February, 2019 Kate (Daily Tarot Girl)
    It’s February already! I decided to use my most comfy deck…the Everyday Witch Tarot for this reading… Have a great week 🙂 xoxo Kate … Read More ↗

  • The Dark Mansion Tarot Review
    30 January, 2019 Kate (Daily Tarot Girl)
    The Dark Mansion Tarot is an independently published deck by Krzysztof Wasiuk and Magdalena Kaczan (artist). Based on the Rider Waite style, this is a high quality, one of a kind Tarot deck, reminisce … Read More ↗