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Posts tagged as “astrology”

Who Are You

By WiccaWeb Partners

The answer to this question isn’t self-evident. As contemporary physics says, you are not living in a material world; and you are not a material…

Black Magic

By WiccaWeb Partners

“Black magic only works on people who believe in it.” Like most lies, that one contains a germ of truth; although it would be more…

Becoming Invisible

By WiccaWeb Partners

One major objective of magical training is becoming invisible.  This doesn’t mean you become transparent, but rather that you become unnoticeable.  You learn how to…

What is Spiritual Growth?

By WiccaWeb Partners

Spiritual growth is so slow that it is unnoticeable most of the time.  It often seems that nothing ever changes – even when you have…

You’re a Hero!

By WiccaWeb Partners

In the musical Chicago, the sleazy lawyer tells the cuckolded husband Amos, who has sold everything he owns to pay for the defense of his…