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Privacy Policy

WiccaWeb Privacy & Security Policies

Published: 8 August, 2018

WiccaWeb encourages all Web site operators to post clear and easy-to-find privacy notices. We also encourage our site visitors to seek out and read privacy notice before divulging personally identifiable information about themselves.

WiccaWeb is dedicated to protecting your privacy. Outlined below is everything that may be collected by the WiccaWeb site (, how that information is used, and the choices you have in controlling your information. Should you have any questions or concerns about these policies, please contact us..

What We Collect:

The site logs for WiccaWeb generate certain kinds of non-identifying usage data - such as the number of hits, site referrals, entry and exit pages, browser types, originating hosts, I.P. numbers, and top search strings. These statistics are only used in aggregate, and are never linked or associated with any kind of personally identifiable information. - the exception being IP numbers... We do pass those to you when someone emails your through the WiccaWeb email forms.

Through the submission forms, we collect geographic information such as state, city, zip code, and country; email addresses, submission categories, and whether a listing is "new" or a "modification." We also collect different kinds of information depending on what kind of post you are making -- including specific details about a Web site, a store, an event, or a personal listing.

Since we own and operate our own webserver, we capture and log everything that goes through the server. We do this to profile attackers and spammers and to protect ourself legally. All of this data stays in-house and is NEVER given out to anyone unless we are forced to legally.

What We Don't Collect:

WiccaWeb only uses "obvious" methods of data collection. This means you will always know when you are providing personal information -- either because you decide to send us an email or you voluntarily fill out a form. We do not use hidden collection devices such as cookies (note: setting a cookie IS an option but one only selected by you - this user cookie ONLY contains info to keep you logged in to your account and resides on YOUR computer.), nor do we collect any more information than that necessary to offer and improve the services of WiccaWeb.

When We Share This Information:

NEVER! We do not share information with anyone else and it would take a court order or serious mechanical malfunction to cause us to disclose information. Even then, it would not be willingly.

How We Use This Information:

The non-identifying aggregate data collected through the site logs is used to measure how the site is actually being used, improve the site design, and catch duplicate postings.

When you submit information to be publicly posted, such as to list a site, event, or personal listing -- we use your information to generate a public listing on WiccaWeb site. To keep these listings accurate, we also from time to time send email verifications to the email addresses attached to that listing.

We use the private email correspondence that we receive only to answer you. We do not compile these addresses, nor are they shared with any outside third party.

On the surveys, your demographic data and specific survey answers are used to produce an aggregate and non-identifying report that is publicly posted once the survey is complete. If you also provide your name and comments on a survey topic, this is publicly posted in the "Community Thoughts" section of the surveys. The survey I.D. number you create is only used internally to administer the survey and help prevent multiple postings (it is not publicly posted).

Lastly, WiccaWeb regularly removes and deletes certain posts, such as expired event descriptions, duplicate listings, dead links, inappropriate posts, and inactive email addresses. We also from time to time delete old email correspondence from our systems.

Links We Offer To Other Sites:

WiccaWeb links to other Web sites. These sites are not "framed" (when links are activated they take your straight to the other site, rather than load within a WiccaWeb frame-set). While WiccaWeb is proud to be able to direct you to many of the wonderful sites that make up the Witch and Neo-Pagan online community, please also realize that these sites may collect and use information in ways different than WiccaWeb.

Children's Online Privacy:

Protecting the online privacy of the very young is especially important. For that reason, WiccaWeb voluntarily complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 and the US Federal Trade Commission's Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule. (16 C.F.R. Part 312). We neither collect nor maintain information at our site from those actually known to be under the age of 13, nor is any part of our site designed to serve those under the age of 13.

How To Review, Update, Or Delete:

Information submitted through WiccaWeb submission forms can be later updated or deleted by logging in to your account. To later review such information, simply view your post once it goes online. If you delete your account, you will also be removed from the verification email list (the occasional emails we send out to verify the accuracy of email and Web site links).

All other personally identifiable information that may be maintained in a retrievable form can be later reviewed, updated, or deleted by emailing us. For security reasons, WiccaWeb will only act on such requests when they are received from the original submitter's email account.

How This Information Is Secured:

WiccaWeb employs stringent electronic, physical, and managerial procedures to maintain the security and integrity of information. Access to online information is limited to authorized individuals, and all WiccaWeb personnel are bound to uphold these privacy and security policies.

Changes To The Privacy Notice:

Should the information practices of WiccaWeb change, this privacy notice will be immediately updated. Regardless of later changes, however, WiccaWeb will never use your information in a new way that is not described in this current notice without first obtaining your consent.