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Kabbalah, Mysticism, and the Occult

What is Mysticism?

By Deliriums Realms

Mysticism is difficult to define, largely because it encompasses so many different practices and beliefs – from Catholicism to Kabbalah. Its purpose is the divine…

The Seven Chakras

By Jake Bottero

Chakras are the various focal points in the subtle body used in a variety of ancient meditation practices, collectively denominated as Tantra, or the esoteric…

Cat’s Rants – Confessions of an Occult Mastermind

  • QYAM contest winners being posted today, hopefully also accompanying article to contest as well
    13 February, 2019 Cat
    Hey kids, Nothing like having 4 novels to write in email (because it makes people happy to ask multiple essay questions at least once or twice during the manifestation phase, haha), follow up on 32 se … Read More ↗

  • QYAM ends TODAY, and other announcements
    11 February, 2019 Cat
    Hey kids,  Please get your entries in by tonight for my contest. Winners will be announced tomorrow morning. Prizes will be awarded no later than 2/15/19. I have a large bill clearing this week, so it … Read More ↗

  • Dazzle Up Your Love Life
    6 February, 2019 Cat
    Hey Occulties, Can you guys guess who doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, and hasn’t for almost 20 years? If you guessed it was me, you’re right. It’s a stupid holiday, one St Valentine would surely no … Read More ↗

  • Stuff to Remember
    4 February, 2019 Cat
    Hey all,  Still writing a post in my series, but since I need to post business stuff here until I fix my PC (or toss it out of the window, since it is a dreadful machine,) just a few things to keep in … Read More ↗

  • More on Being Thankful
    28 January, 2019 Cat
    Hey Occulties, I know I had recently posted that the problem with most prayers “failing” was that people often express little or no gratitude towards the very beings they make requests of. This weeken … Read More ↗

The Occultist

  • Sabbats: Mabon
    21 September, 2018 Antonina Ross
    Northern Hemisphere: September 21st – 23rdSouthern Hemisphere: March 21st – 23rdMabon is celebrated on the Autumnal Equinox. It is the second harvest and is the time when all crops have been collected … Read More ↗

  • DIY: How to make Black Ash
    15 August, 2018 Taylor Nicole
    I’ll be showing you how to create your own black salt, what it’s uses are, and what it symbolizes.I’ve been spending this week on rituals, ceremony, and my practice. I’ve decided to prepare some black … Read More ↗

  • 7 questions on Witchcraft with Anaïs Alexandre
    31 July, 2018 Antonina Ross
    The beautiful Anaïs Alexandre is a YouTuber who makes super interesting videos on many, many aspects of witchcraft, the sabbats, spells and more. I got in contact with Anaïs to ask her a few short que … Read More ↗

  • Sabbats: Lughnasadh/Lammas
    27 July, 2018 Antonina Ross
    Northern Hemisphere: end of July/beggining of August – August 1stSouthern Hemisphere: end of January/beginning of February – February 1st Lughnasadh (pronounced ‘loo-nass-ah’ – I know) is the festival … Read More ↗

  • Short Film | C A L C I N E : The 7 Hermetic Principles
    24 July, 2018 Daniel LeMunyan
    Calcine is a process of purification by extreme heat to reduce matter down to its base element. In this short film, we journey into psychic transmutation through the 7 core principles of hermetic phil … Read More ↗

Michael Laitman on Kabbalah

  • My Thoughts On Twitter 2/13/19
    February 15, 2019 By  galinas
    Thumbnail ImageEurope’s economics and finance commissioner: the European zone was designed as a means of balancing the economies of the EU states, but has resulted in the opposite. Balancing earnings is only possibl … Read More ↗

  • Valentine’s Day
    February 15, 2019 By  galinas
    Thumbnail ImageFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 2/14/19 What is love? Among the masses, love has a very loose definition. It’s a source of inspiration of music, literature and poetry, yet its true significance … Read More ↗

  • The Covenant Means Unity
    February 14, 2019 By  galinas
    Thumbnail Image“I awaken the dawn” means that I awaken the need to bestow, the Light of Hassadim. And the darkness begins to dissipate because I do not feel it as darkness anymore. Darkness is the feeling of emptine … Read More ↗

  • Bestow Contentment To The Creator
    February 13, 2019 By  galinas
    Thumbnail ImageWhen we feel all sorts of thoughts, problems, and disturbances, we should immediately check how much they help us determine that “There is none else besides Him.” The disturbance and the situation its … Read More ↗

  • My Thoughts On Twitter 2/12/19
    February 13, 2019 By  galinas
    Thumbnail ImageThe ten works like a pump: having fallen into a new ego phase, one can’t free himself, but the ten works on him. This is group work, not an individual job. Everyone individually awakens the ten to the … Read More ↗