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Posts published in “Witches and Pagans”

Dionysus Ritual

By Mud and Magick

Preparation: Everyone is asked to bring an offering for Dionysus (suggestions: honey, fruit, pine cones, stones). All callings are written on index cards. Tools and…

Ostara: Green Magick

By Mud and Magick

Tools and Materials: A central candle, dishes of water and salt, an athame, quarter and deity candles, a young plant, green and red face paint…

God and Me

By Mike Nichols

A Pagan's Personal Reply to the New Atheists In this essay, I plan to analyze the following TWO questions: "Do you believe in God?" and…

Who Are You

By Bob Makransky

The answer to this question isn’t self-evident. As contemporary physics says, you are not living in a material world; and you are not a material…

Black Magic

By Bob Makransky

“Black magic only works on people who believe in it.” Like most lies, that one contains a germ of truth; although it would be more…