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Black Magic

By Bob Makransky

“Black magic only works on people who believe in it.”

Like most lies, that one contains a germ of truth; although it would be more correct to say that “black magic is only recognized as such by people who believe in it.” Black magic still works on people who don’t believe in it, but their ignorance and self-satisfied stupidity in “knowing better” keep them from seeing what is going on even when it unfolds right in front of their eyes (in precisely the same way that the ignorance of the Victorians kept them from seeing all the sexuality that was going on “beneath the surface”; and that ignorance in turn led them to righteously uphold hypocrisy and self-deception as supreme moral virtues). Nonbelievers in black magic prefer to profess that a run of bad luck is merely “coincidence” rather than the result of deliberate malice on the part of someone who is jealous or resentful of them (or of their evil society which seeks to enslave them).

Moreover, ignorance is bliss. People who live in societies which don’t believe in black magic are indeed somewhat protected from it as compared to people in societies which are quite aware of what’s really going on, and are practicing black magic openly. The reason for this is that in stupid societies such as America, the black magicians are as inept as their victims – they don’t do a very good job of it. Because they are practicing their black magic unconsciously, inept black magicians spew their bad vibes and self-hatred in other people’s faces to make the people around them or under their control feel bad – thereby feeding the demons which possess them, but not making themselves feel any happier or advancing their personal interests as a result. By contrast, competent black magicians who know what they are about can actually vampirize other people’s joy to make themselves feel happy, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed; and can suck other people’s energy to power their own desires.

I have an American friend here in Guatemala who started out as a Mormon missionary with no belief in black magic. He married a local woman and had children with her. Eventually the marriage dissolved, and this woman, bent on revenge, hired a black witch to curse my friend.

His car broke down frequently. Thieves ransacked his house several times when he was away. Payments due him were defaulted or stolen. Eventually he realized that all this bad luck wasn’t a coincidence. He went to a witch himself to undo the spells his ex-wife’s witch was casting. The witch did a long ritual, and at the end of it she told my friend that there was nothing she could do since his wife’s witch was far more powerful than she was. Further, she didn’t know anyone who could undo the curse. Like my Mormon friend, people can afford the luxury of “not believing in black magic” until they fall into it.

Black magic is not essentially different from the selfishness, greed, bad faith, and lying which take place in our everyday society and relationships. All of our jealousy; bickering; people picking at each other; and the vilest form of black magic – the “Honest Iago” maneuver – i.e. person A’s messing around in person B’s relationship with person C (e.g. person A putting curses on person B to deliver to person C, so that B and C start fighting); is simply inept black magic at work. All bad feelings are curses which do indeed cause the person they are directed at pain on some level.

If you have ever returned home to find your place burglarized or vandalized, then you know that feeling of violation – like actually having been raped – which pervades the scene. You feel dirty and slimed-on. Magicians say that this feeling is a “light fiber” – like a curse – left by the burglar to suck your energy (your anger and fear at your own helplessness and vulnerability). Magicians believe that that is what the burglar was really after is not whatever it was he stole, but rather your anger and fear, which he can suck through the line he left there like soda through a straw.

In our society the “happiness” (actually false joy based on shamelessness) which accrues from being wealthy as compared to the depression / despair which are the common lot of the impoverished, is actually accomplished by the rich en masse sucking the joy of the poor, and feeding some of that energy to the demons who keep them on top. This can be looked at in economic terms, of course, which is how Marx conceived of it; but it is more fruitful to view it in terms of pure energy: as a transference of joy from the underclasses to the ruling class which sucks off of them. The ruling classes really do have to be totally heartless and mean (glorying in their shamelessness), and the exploited classes have to be self-pitying or simmering with repressed anger and jealousy, in order to keep this energy dynamic working properly.

Do the people who perform black magic know what they are doing consciously? This depends on how intelligent / aware the black magicians are. Most of the stealthy calculation, cunning, and unerringly devastating strokes that black magicians are capable of do not arise from within themselves, but rather from the demons which possess them and direct their moves. The black magicians are more or less consciously aware of what is going on depending on how alert they are – more so if they have willingly given themselves over to black magic, less so if they are in denial and are (superficially at least) pretending to themselves and other people to be piously religious and in horror of black magic; or too intellectually sophisticated to believe in such folderol.

The black magicians who know that they are merely puppets in the hands of the demons who possess them are better off than the ignorant ones who believe that their shrewd perspicacity and forcefulness of decision are the result of their own innate superiority, since demons are ever-ready to turn upon and devour black magicians who fall prey to the hubris of infallibility.

All the petty intrigues, jealousy, and backbiting which characterize everyday society and relationships in the United States, can take a really sinister turn when you come to a magical country such as Guatemala. For many years (like, about forty) I was involved in a tussle with a black witch. She was the most gifted psychic I’d ever met, and in fact she was the one who taught me how to channel, and connected me to the Mayan spirit world, amongst other things. Unfortunately, she was also a psychopath (nobody’s perfect); and after a while it got to be too intense to handle, so I bade her adieu. Apparently this enraged her, so she began a campaign of revenge which lasted for decades, and which was in fact rather quite annoying. Since my own negative karma tends to manifest as money problems (rather than e.g. health problems), that is how she cursed me: I experienced financial collapse and then money crisis after money crisis, etc. etc. Every time I got something going, an unexpected bolt from the blue would wipe me out again. Even though I believed in black magic at the time, nonetheless it took me a while to recognize her hand in it all, until too many “coincidences” made it plain to me that she was behind all this ill luck. I mean, this woman was good (or her demons were) – she did a bunch of stuff that I certainly can’t do, such as invade my dreams, stun me with a glance, hurl demons at me, etc. (if you want to know what it’s like to have demons attacking you, see the movie Helen starring Ashley Judd).

The reason it took me so long to come to my senses (as it were) was because she had the ability to play upon my neuroses so that I believed that there was something wrong with me rather than with her. This is a rather common phenomenon in abusive relationships: the abuser has his or her victim hypnotized (literally under a spell) so that the victim is unable to see what is actually going on, much less to withdraw from the relationship. Indeed, in most cases, the victim will even defend the abuser to the death when friends try to call attention to what is happening. This hypnotizing ability is a power which demons grant to those whom they possess; it even works for leaders of entire countries (e.g. Germany in the 1930’s, and the United States in 2019) – i.e. having an entire populace under their spell and dancing to their tune.

Finally the Mayan gods who possess me stepped in and sent me my teacher, don Abel Yat, whose main function in my life was to remove her curses (although he also taught me a bunch of other stuff along the way). This curse-removal was done with a series of rituals and ceremonies that I could not have done on my own; nor do I believe it’s a job for amateurs. I can cast demons out of people since the Mayan gods taught me how to do this (although I don’t like doing it since it scares me: cast-out demons immediately seek to possess another host, and they will first attack the exorcist); but I can’t remove curses since the Mayan gods haven’t shown me how. If you are in need of curse-removal, you’d better find someone to help you who knows what they’re doing.

Anyway, since don Abel’s treatment my money situation has improved. However, while he removed the curses from my person and my house, I neglected to ask him to remove the curses she put on my farm; and as a result, nothing grows anymore (and don Abel’s gone now so I can’t have him help me out; according to his family, he was murdered by the curses of a black witch). But at least my black witch has been leaving me alone lately, since – with the guidance of the Mayan gods – I finally managed to plug up all the cracks through which she could get at me. Last I heard she was in pretty bad shape (apparently without my energy to suck to keep her demons appeased, they have turned on her and are eating her alive).

So, how can you tell if you have been cursed? Well, any strange flukes of bad fortune – freak accidents, strange coincidences, an avalanche of bad luck – should get you thinking perhaps in terms of black magic. And how do you know who is causing it? That shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out: who hates or is jealous of you, and is capable of cursing you (is a witch, whether consciously or unconciously)?

The people who rant and rail about Reptilians and Illuminati (as well as the Christian churches) are quite correct in their assessment of who runs human society and why. But to idly bluster and cavil about it – or to pretend that you are not part of the problem – is about as useful as howling at the moon. There’s nothing to be done about black magic except to be aware of what’s going on. The wealthy exploiting the poor for the ultimate benefit of the demons who control them didn’t come about with the invention of capitalism: feudalism wasn’t such great shakes for the underclasses either. The basic problem – the accumulation of property and social power and its concentration in the hands of the demon-possessed – has existed since the invention of agriculture (which is in fact when demons came in and began directing human affairs to their own benefit).

But what difference does it make? It’s not as if anyone can change anything. What will change it (as Karl Marx predicted) is the total collapse of our demonic society towards the end of this century when the petroleum etc. runs out, and there will be true hell to pay. The surviving humans (if there are any) will be those magicians who didn’t buy into society’s lemming-leap but went their own way and followed their own intuition and intent. Their progenitors are out there even now, in the hinterlands, learning to live without. The point is that our society is wholly given over to black magic – stupid, unconscious black magic – and it will pay for that stupidity in the end. Because that’s what black magic ultimately leads to: self-destruction.


Thanks to Bob Makransky for allowing the republiction of his wondeful work.

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