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Becoming Invisible

By Bob Makransky

One major objective of magical training is becoming invisible.  This doesn’t mean you become transparent, but rather that you become unnoticeable.  You learn how to “unhook” yourself from other people altogether – make them completely unimportant to you, and you thereby become completely unimportant to them.  This means seeking zero validation / mirroring from them, so they in turn they seek zero from you.

Becoming invisible means withdrawing – not making yourself available to attack (by not seeking approval).  For example, my having an internet presence really bothers me – on the one hand, I need money, so I do have to publicize my writing; on the other hand this makes me a target for all the screaming Mimi’s out there (that’s what the internet is: a bunch of narcissists screaming “ME! ME! ME!”).  I try to keep my internet presence as low-key and one-way as possible so as not to encourage the doggies to sniff around my asshole and yap at my heels.  And as soon as I see someone is attacking me, I just stop reading the thing, or delete it.  Fortunately, a recent ICANN debacle deactivated my personal website; so I took that as a sign to discontinue it.

Drunks and lunatics (and black witches) play on people’s shame, to induce fear so that people won’t relate to them; but that’s still being hooked up to others.  The way it should be done is by being completely cold and utterly detached.  This is beyond the Place of No Pity: you not only don’t pity anyone (or ask for pity yourself), you don’t really have much juice going back and forth between yourself and other people at all.  That’s why it’s important to open your heart before you reach the Place of No Pity, otherwise you’ll be cold and detached always, which is an imbalance too.  The point is, you switch it off and on as prompted by the Spirit.  When the Spirit prompts you to pour out great love (on or with another person), you do that, you do exchange light fiber energy.  But unless specifically prompted by the Spirit (by your true feelings), you clam.  You totally close up on a light fiber level and hold it all in.  You don’t react to anything anyone lays on you, whether good or bad; nor do you seek anything from anyone.

This is on a light fiber level, of course.  On a thought form level you go through all the motions, dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s, yassa Massa.  But you’re unhooked from it, and from other people.  As Carlos Castaneda put it in The Eagle’s Gift: “Don Juan and I were driving through a border town in Arizona and a policeman stopped me. The policeman thought I was an illegal alien. Only after I had shown him my passport, which he suspected of being a forgery, and other documents, did he let me go. Don Juan had been in the front seat next to me all the time, and the policeman had not given him a second glance. He had focused solely on me.”

Becoming invisible means not clinging to your desires / expectations / fears of other people, which is what prevents your relating to them on a heart level.  What Yogananda said is true, that if you can open your heart to just one person, you can open your heart to everyone.  It could also have been expressed as, “If you can unhook yourself from just one person, you can unhook yourself from everyone.”  When you’re unhooked from everyone, they can’t bother you any more, no matter what they do or don’t do.  This is the white magic way of unhooking yourself from people.  The black magic (shameless) way of course is to totally close your heart to everyone.  Closing your heart to people (being a control freak) doesn’t really unhook you from them – it’s just an illusion that you’re unhooked.  You have to “pay” for it eventually, in some lifetime or other.  The point is that by opening your heart to people, you can hook or unhook at will (as prompted by the Spirit), rather than be hooked up completely all the time, and be dragged up and down by other people’s moods and whims.  Thus opening your heart to people isn’t so much a matter of compassion or outpouring of affection as it is disinterest – it’s a matter of making yourself vulnerable (having no defenses) without making yourself available (seeking validation from people).

What you’re unhooking is your importance coverings – that which you consider important.  When you unhook yours, they automatically disengage from everyone else’s – when your own acts become unimportant to you, so do everyone else’s acts.  To other people you seem like whatever thought forms they want to put on you (like the Peter Sellers character in the film Being There, who went from being a retarded gardener to becoming a presidential advisor just by being utterly oblivious to the ways in which everyone around him was trying to use and manipulate him); but there are no undercurrents going on between you and other people (unlike everyday society and relationships in which there are always unspoken agendas going on beneath the surface which everyone is politely failing to address openly).  It’s not like other people can’t see you – it’s like they don’t notice you, because there’s no one there to notice.  Even if you speak to them or look them in the eye they won’t have a clear “memory” of having interacted with you, any more than they notice a pebble on the road (unless you’ve connected with them on a light fiber level, e.g. exchanged smiles).

All relationships depend on an exchange of energy through the light fibers which bind people to one another (see Barbara Brennan’s book Light Emerging for drawings of what these fibers look like).  Having light fibers in people (and them having light fibers in you) is like lowering your defenses against them.  When people have fibers in you they can always “stick one to you” through those fibers.  To have other people’s lines in you – to have them encroaching in your space – drains you of energy.  To have your lines in other people, which you feel as a constant need to be on their case, may give you an immediate jolt of ego power, but in the long run it weakens you by making you dependent on the people you are sucking, and extremely vulnerable to them if they should ever decide to turn on you.  Master magicians have no fibers in anyone (except for people whom – for whatever reason – they are trying to influence / manipulate.  Nor do they permit anyone to stick fibers in them).

Complete instructions for severing the lines which tie you to people who are bringing you down are given in my book Thought Forms.  To summarize: choose a day to pull out all of these lines (Mars planetary hours are good for this kind of thing).  It helps to abstain from orgasmic sex for a few days before pulling out lines, and you should eat minimally the day before the ritual.  Fast on the day of the ritual.  Then pull out the lines, one by one.  To pull the other person’s lines out of your body: take a firm stance, and imagine you are gripping with both hands a rope or cord stuck in the given part of your body: if you feel unable to break the person’s sexual spell then the lines are probably in your genitals; if there is a lot of anger going on (perhaps accompanied by illness or financial misfortune) then there may be lines in your head; and if there is just general energy vampirization happening, the lines are in your navel.

Try to actually feel these fibers in your hands.  You can look at a photograph of the person while you do this, or just visualize him or her standing there before you.  Then, with a movement of great repugnance, determination, and finality, jerk the lines out of your body and cast them to the ground.  Do this in turn with all the lines the person has in you.  You don’t have to actually “see” the light fibers (though some sensitive people do) as long as you can “feel” them – i.e., imagine they are there.

Next, pull your lines (desires / expectations / fears) out of the other person.  Imagine the person is standing right there in front of you.  Take a firm stance, and imagine you are gripping lines which go out from your navel (or wherever) to the other person’s body (if you are sexually turned on by the person, the lines probably go from your genitals; if you have been fruitlessly trying to reason with the person, there may be lines going from your head; etc.).  Then with a sharp, determined jerk, pull the lines out of the person and cast them to a tree.

If that person was really bringing you down, you should feel immediate relief and release after doing this exercise.  Sometimes you don’t even realize the extent to which they were bringing you down until you get their damn lines out of you.  You should feel more youthful, since that’s what bad faithers and games players vampirize – your youthfulness and joy.  The next time you meet that person you’ll be surprised by how different you feel about them, and by how much clearer your understanding of the dynamics of the relationship is (you’ll have much more detachment).

When you’re that open and vulnerable, a person who’s out to make you feel bad (project their self-hatred onto you, make you bear their shamelessness and self-hatred for them) can easily succeed.  That’s what adults do to babies.  So, the only way to avoid that is to unhook yourself from them first: to truly not care what they do or don’t do.  You can only get there when you become truly indifferent to the people you desire things from, and open your heart to the people you fear and hate.  This doesn’t mean hugging and slobbering all over them – it just means avoiding them both in person and in your thoughts – just stop feeling offended by this person.  This isn’t that hard to do once you’ve cast out the lines they had in you.

When you do this with all the people who bring you down, your life becomes intense, emotional, and sad, more or less all the time.  But you get used to it.  It’s not like you erect more defenses, another hard skin, to protect yourself from feeling feelings.  Rather, the intensity of feeling feelings (instead of dulling yourself with defenses) is how newborns feel all the time, until they erect walls to defend themselves against the onslaughts of the adults around them.  When you open your heart you get used to feeling emotionally vulnerable all the time – just as you’ve gotten used to feeling uptight and closed-up all the time.  It’s an unlearning / deconditioning process.

As you get used to it, it becomes more and more commonplace, or natural, and not so mind-bending anymore.  It loses none of its intensity, but becomes more manageable, just as a baby learns to manage being uptight all the time and after a while ceases to notice it.  The point is that when your heart is open that intensity becomes your normal frame of mind every day (just like being closed-up, fearful, and defensive is your normal frame of mind now).  This is the goal of magical training – to be fully present, but not in the least available.  This is what is what is meant by becoming invisible.

Thanks to Bob Makransky for allowing the republication of his wonderful work.

About the author:  Bob Makransky is a systems analyst, comptuter programmer and professional astrologer.  For 37 years he has lived on a farm in highland Guatemala where he is a Mayan priest and is head of the local blueberry growers’ association.

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