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Becoming Invisible

By Bob Makransky

One major objective of magical training is becoming invisible.  This doesn’t mean you become transparent, but rather that you become unnoticeable.  You learn how to…

What is Spiritual Growth?

By Bob Makransky

Spiritual growth is so slow that it is unnoticeable most of the time.  It often seems that nothing ever changes – even when you have…

You’re a Hero!

By Bob Makransky

In the musical Chicago, the sleazy lawyer tells the cuckolded husband Amos, who has sold everything he owns to pay for the defense of his…

Oriental Appearance

By Bob Makransky

In traditional astrology the analysis of vocational aptitude in a person’s horoscope begins with the consideration of which of the planets is in oriental appearance. …

The Astrology Blog

  • Mental Stress & The Effects On Your Health
    11 December, 2018 Elsa
    Thumbnail ImageMy friend, Ben, just emailed me. He was looking for Monday’s newsletter which does not exist.  I’m swamped at the moment and I’ve just not had a chance to write one. The newest changes to the already … Read More ↗

  • Synastry: The Main Techniques Work But Not Really!
    11 December, 2018 Elsa
    Thumbnail ImageIntroduction to a series on synastry. Techniques astrologers use to judge compatibility between charts. Do they work? Theory vs fact. Skip to part two – Synastry – Theory vs Reality. … Read More… Co … Read More ↗

  • Trying To Get Back To Your Heyday Or The Supposed Peak Of Your Life
    11 December, 2018 Elsa
    Thumbnail ImageI think it’s common that people have a great period in their life and then something shifts. They may feel nostalgic about that period and begin to idealize it. Next thing you know they’re doing anyth … Read More ↗

  • Full Moon in Cancer: December 22, 2018 – The Matriarch
    10 December, 2018 Elsa
    Thumbnail ImageThe full moon in Cancer takes place mid-day on December 22nd. The sun’s opposition to the moon dominates the whole of the sky on this day. I see this as light (sun) being thrown on the family (moon in … Read More ↗

  • Searching Astrology With Google
    10 December, 2018 Elsa
    Thumbnail ImageRoughly seventy-five percent searches that bring people to this site read like this: “How do I get an Aries to do blah, blah, blah?” “How can I make my Gemini girlfriend stop doing blah, blah?” It’s b … Read More ↗