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Becoming Invisible

By Bob Makransky

One major objective of magical training is becoming invisible.  This doesn’t mean you become transparent, but rather that you become unnoticeable.  You learn how to…

What is Spiritual Growth?

By Bob Makransky

Spiritual growth is so slow that it is unnoticeable most of the time.  It often seems that nothing ever changes – even when you have…

You’re a Hero!

By Bob Makransky

In the musical Chicago, the sleazy lawyer tells the cuckolded husband Amos, who has sold everything he owns to pay for the defense of his…

Oriental Appearance

By Bob Makransky

In traditional astrology the analysis of vocational aptitude in a person’s horoscope begins with the consideration of which of the planets is in oriental appearance. …

The Astrology Blog

  • Weekend Love Forecast – Deliciously Deep, Pleasantly Surprised, Shock and Ahhhh
    15 February, 2019 Satori
    Thumbnail ImageWe are in the last few days of Chiron in Pisces. Late Sunday – early Monday, Chiron shifts to Aries and onto the Aries point, the beginning of the zodiac and a power degree. This weekend is an opportu … Read More ↗

  • Mars Conjunct Pluto – Passion vs Rage
    15 February, 2019 Elsa
    Thumbnail ImageI’m well known to be a hot head. I don’t deny this. But eventually I realized it was time I took control of my fast temper. “But, I’m Italian,” was no longer sufficient! This got me thinking about how … Read More ↗

  • What Signs Are Most Susceptible To Having Friends Sabotage Their Relationships?
    15 February, 2019 Elsa
    Thumbnail ImageIt’s common to see women who have friends who sabotage their relationships.  A woman finds a man she likes. Her friends all weigh in to say he’s not good enough for her. I’m not talking about women in … Read More ↗

  • How To Overcome An Addiction
    12 February, 2019 Elsa
    Thumbnail ImageWhile I love sugar, if I eat it, I become desperately depressed. It puts me in a state of despair. I’ve been talking about baking cookies for my husband. Someone asked me how I was managing to make al … Read More ↗

  • Rejected In Love For Being Irresponsible With Money
    12 February, 2019 Elsa
    Thumbnail ImageThis is a taboo topic but I have more than one client who has been crushed in relationship because of money. A person overspends. Because of this, the lover does not want to marry them. They’re afraid … Read More ↗