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Becoming Invisible

By Bob Makransky

One major objective of magical training is becoming invisible.  This doesn’t mean you become transparent, but rather that you become unnoticeable.  You learn how to…

What is Spiritual Growth?

By Bob Makransky

Spiritual growth is so slow that it is unnoticeable most of the time.  It often seems that nothing ever changes – even when you have…

You’re a Hero!

By Bob Makransky

In the musical Chicago, the sleazy lawyer tells the cuckolded husband Amos, who has sold everything he owns to pay for the defense of his…

Oriental Appearance

By Bob Makransky

In traditional astrology the analysis of vocational aptitude in a person’s horoscope begins with the consideration of which of the planets is in oriental appearance. …

The Astrology Blog

  • How Do Neptune And Pluto Transits Compare?
    17 April, 2019 Midara
    Pluto gets a reputation in astrology as the villain of the solar system. He’s the one that takes everything away, and we all look at upcoming Pluto transits with dread. And this reputation is certainl … Read More ↗

  • Free Astrology Forecast & Commentary Via Email
    16 April, 2019 Elsa
    There are a lot of astrology newsletters these days, but very few have been maintained for almost 10 years. I am fully committed! I generally send three emails a week. The notes are concise and design … Read More ↗

  • What If Your Child Joins A Cult?
    15 April, 2019 Elsa
    I mentioned being reunited with my daughter with my daughter after a 12 year separation – Love Comin’ Back To You Because Real Love Never Dies. It’s been really interesting talking to her in ways I do … Read More ↗

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