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Druid Life

  • Kindness and honesty

    Kindness and honesty

    This week I read an excellent article by Meg-John Barker, about kindness and honesty – it’s over here and … Read More »
  • Plastic and privilege

    Plastic and privilege

    I’m always in favour of people being the change they want to see in the world. I think it’s an … Read More »
  • Good Friends

    Good Friends

    I think it’s interesting to ask what makes for good friendship. I expect a wide range of answers are available, … Read More »
  • What is treason?

    What is treason?

    Treason, and traitor are words I’ve seen bandied about a lot of late, especially with regards to anyone in the … Read More »
  • And very little happened

    And very little happened

    Being a Pagan blogger creates (for me at least) a certain amount of desire to come back with a good … Read More »

Reading the Cards